European Transfer

In September 2013 I found myself in a predicament that I thought I would not be able to
resolve. I was seriously ill and stuck in Southern Spain. The insurance company were unable
to help and I needed to get back to the UK for medical treatment.

My daughter contacted Euromed Ambulance who were able to liaise with the medical staff
in the Spanish Hospital and get the assurance both myself and family needed to ensure my
safe transfer to the UK.

Euromed sent over one of their Paramedics who continued my treatment and monitored
my condition through my transfer giving my intravenous fluids and medication. He
reassured myself and my distraught daughter and remained a calming influence and
professional throughout.

Once back in the UK we were met by one of their ambulance crews who transported us to
my local A&E and handed over relevant information myself and
my daughter would otherwise have missed.

I have since called on the helpful and caring advice of the staff at Euromed
Ambulance and my sincere gratitude goes out to them.

Mrs H Ellis

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