Motorcycle, Quad & Cycle Teams

Euromed Ambulance ‘MERT’ Team (Motorbike Emergency Response Teams) are the ideal cover for any event where a fast initial response is required.

MERT Units are available at short notice to respond to calls far quicker than their four wheeled colleagues and are saving lives in the process.

Euromed LIFE BIKES from our MERT Team have the added ability to gain access through crowds and heavy traffic , ensuring quick response to any emergency. Ideal for events that cover a large area such as cycle events and long distance running where the course may take place on public roads.

Motorbike Emergency Response Teams are equipped with the latest life saving equipment and are only crewed by ICHD Technicians or Paramedics. With these teams, Euromed Ambulance are proving to be far superior in response to incidents and at events and large scale gatherings where we often attach additional equipped responders on response cycles. Cycle teams have the benefit of being able to weave between crowds and access off road areas. These cycles are fitted with audible and visual blue lights and siren to heighten safety and awareness of their presence.

Our ATV Quad Bikes have the ability respond to areas where the ground is uneven or hard to cover in most vehicles. Our quads have dual equipment boxes to carry first aid through to advanced lifesaving equipment as well as transporting a dual medical team. Our road legal Emergency Quads are imperative to many events where we cover a multitude of terrains. The unpredictability of surfaces and weather puts pressure of the response we may have to give. Theses 4X4 quads allow crews to access bridal paths and wooded areas and remain highly visible to public and clients while performing their duties.

This unique service provides clients with either solo units or as part of a larger team.


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